The world's most recommended professional spa and beauty range.  In 1967 the THALGO brand of premium

marine based skincare was launched in France. With over 40 years of industry experience, a dedication to

brand development, a commitment to research and a desire to consistently achieve, THALGO is today identified as a worldwide leader in both treatment design and treatment delivery, the essential element of any salon or spa.

We've built our reputation in Australia for over 30 years, mirroring international success. We look to the oceans as our source for beauty inspiration. Its endless combination of natural marine ingredients hold the secrets of enduring youthfulness. We're specialists in facial treatments, letting Thalgo lovers get the complete Thalgo experience!


Our extensive range is conveniently grouped in Cleansers, Skin Solutions and Anti-Ageing. We look to our Formulation Charter to ensure the integrity of what goes into our products and also how they are sources.


THALGO formulations are natural, free from parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, artificial colouring, GMO's, silicon and ingredients of animal origin (except Beeswax).  We all get older, but we believe you should be able to set the timeline. THALGO has always sought to lead the way with anti-ageing, and continues to do so today.