lafine cosmetics - Catalina Geo: Eyes and Brow - Auto Eye Brow Pencil

The triangular pencil creates clean and beautiful eye brows. It minimises simulation with smooth touches and subtle colours and has outstanding temperature resistance to maintain adequate hardness to apply smoothly yet resist breaking.

The balance of pigments and base creates natural and sophisticated expression. The pencil is durable and will not break easily.


Use the triangular pencil to draw the shape of your eye brow one strand at a time. Use the wider side to fill in and the brush on the other end to adjust the darkness.

Gray Brown: Suitable for anyone who has brown to black hair who has been using dark brown color for eye brows. Great for natural looking makeup.

Black Brown: Suitable for anyone who has near black hair or dyed their hair black. This color is closest to ordinary black hair for creates natural eye brows.

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