lafine cosmetics - Catalina Geo: Skin and Face - Skin Expert Multi-function Foundation Set

The Multi Function Gel Foundation with a vibrating applicator puff to give a perfect result with Anti-Wrinkle, Whitening and UV Protection of SPF30PA++. Beautifully gift boxed with the auto cell applicator, a compact with gel foundation, a refill for the compact and 3 replacement applicators. Also available in a refill.

  1. Multi-functional vibrating puff: can be used for liquid and solid type products (primer, foundation, sun cream etc).

  2. Freely moveable 3 dimensional head: covers with ease even the curves of the face improving coverability and durability.

  3. Sophisticated design: this vibrating puff is compact and sits in the cradle of the hand allowing ease of use.

  4. Convenience: designed to be highly portable, replacement heads are simply achieved in a single movement.

  5. Vibrating effect: at 12,000 dabs per min this ensures not only complete coverage with ease but also a long lasting result.

Tip: Dab the product on the forehead and cheeks before starting the applicator for an even result.

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