Thurbly Herb Farm

Thurlby Herb Farm is a pioneer in natural herbal products and has supported environmental, sustainable principles in business and life, for over thirty years.

They source only the finest quality ingredients for our products, from ethical sources, locally if possible. Thurlby products are created by hand, using traditional herbal knowledge and artisan soap making methods. They contain no synthetic additives, no parabens or lauryl sulphates. The products are not tested on animals.

Thurlby was established on strong environmental and ethical grounds. The product packaging is predominantly made from recycled cotton fibre – a by product from the clothing industry.

Thurlby's natural, botanically based products and recycled packaging are essentially the finest quality available. Which are naturally gentle on your skin and gentle on the environment.

We'll be featuring a some of the Thurlby Herb Farm products that we stock in Nectar Body Care over the next few weeks.....

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