Wild Bath & Body - Provincia by WILD

Provincia by Wild encompasses the delights & inspirations of by gone eras & provinces to indulge our present. Available in three delectable scents to entice & enjoy. Australian Made. Free from Animal Testing.

French Sorbet, said to have been created in 1st Century AD by Roman Emperor Nero, to grace the infamous Roman Banquet tables. Evoking a refreshing palette, French Sorbet offers a delightful combination of White Peach & Nectarine scents with the additional hint of Quince to refresh the sense.

Pear Pastille, the fragrant pear has enticed palettes offer the centuries. Referred to in Holmers 9th Century poem The Odyssey, as a splendid gift of the gods. Create your own indulgence through the sensual decadence of Pear Pastille, with its Sweet Pear Blossom scents & fruit notes.

Madame Macaron, the glorious Macaron has delighted palettes over the centuries, to be as much revered today as it was when introduced to France by Italy's Catherine de Medici in the 16th Century A.D. Create your own indulgence through the sensual decadence of Madame Macaron & its rich Vanilla scents & sweet Buttery notes.

We'll feature each of the scent's products over the next few weeks. Come into the store and test them for yourself......

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