lafine cosmetics - Catalina Geo: Skin and Face - Triple Action Tinted Moisturizer

A smart all-in-one day cream with mineral powder and SPF30 PA+ UV protection. The harmonisation of two special formulas provides a triple action: moisturizer, primer and foundation. It provides a rich, abundant moisturizing effect and nutrition deep within the skin, smoothes your skin and gently subdues pores to present authentically healthy and natural skin tones. Naturally encapsulated mineral powder foundation beads radiate natural skin tones as the capsules burst upon application on the skin.

Type: Moisturizer, Primer, Foundation

Base: Liquid

Skin Types: All

Coverage: Light

Finish: Smooth ‘Crystal-like’ finish

UV Filters: Titanium Dioxide

Application Tip: Pump once or twice to take an appropriate amount on the back of the hand and divide into four for application on the cheek, forehead, nose, and chin in that order and gently massage the face in circles working in an outward direction until the capsules have broken.

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